The Yatika Art Gallery

Step into the Enchanting Realm of Yatika Art Space, an Artistic Haven Nestled Within the Yatika Galleria Zone at Yatika Boutique Resort. As the Exclusive Art Gallery in the Heart of Chiang Dao, This Space Is More Than a Welcome Embrace; It’s a Unique Experience That Invites Everyone to Feel and Enjoy the Vibrant, Creative Vibes. Showcasing 20 Years of Mesmerizing Acrylic Paintings by Yatika’s Founder, Ms. Valnapas Jirasithithamrong, the Gallery Is a Testament to Nature’s Influence on Art. The Diverse Art Forms on Display Cater to Various Tastes and Preferences, Ensuring Accessibility to All.

Our Art Space

But Yatika Art Space Goes Beyond Being a Mere Gallery—It's a Commitment to the Community. With Charitable Art Sales Supporting Local Causes, This Space Contributes to the Well-Being of Chiang Dao. The Atmosphere Within the Gallery Resonates With a Dynamic and Inspiring Vibe, Providing a Unique Haven for Art Enthusiasts and Curious Visitors Alike. A Visit to Yatika Art Space Isn't Just a Welcome; It's an Invitation to Immerse Yourself in the Rich Artistic Tapestry That Defines Yatika Boutique Resort and Contributes to the Evolving Art Scene of Chiang Dao.