Discover A Range of Amenities and Activities at Yatika Boutique Resort, Offering A Memorable Blend of Relaxation and Adventure. From Massage Sessions to Outdoor Adventures, Create Your Unique Yatika Experience with Our Modern Comforts and The Beauty of Chiang Dao.


Relax in Your Room at Yatika Boutique Resort – a Comfy Haven Where You Can Unwind and Enjoy Some Luxury. Take a Dip in the Jacuzzi for a Soothing Experience, and Soak in the Changing Views from Your Room That Offer Something Special All Day Long. From the Green Rice Fields to the Majestic Doi Luang Mountain, There’s Always Something Beautiful to See. For an Extra Tranquil Retreat, Head to Our SALA in the Middle of the Rice Fields and Let the Calm Surroundings Help You Relax. Your Room at Yatika is Crafted to Make You Feel Comfy and Serene.


Discover the Joy of Photography at Yatika Boutique Resort! Capture Various Angles Showcasing the Beauty of Nature, Breathtaking Landscapes, and the Detailed Designs of Our Architecture. Don’t Miss the Chance to Snap Artistic Shots of Our Unique Art Pieces. If You’re a Foodie, Indulge in Food Photography at Our Café. Plus, Unleash Your Creativity and Create Your Own Photo Story. Yatika Provides Endless Opportunities for Photography Lovers to Capture the Moments That Inspire Them.

Star Watching

Gaze at the Cosmic Wonders with Our “Star Watching” Experience at Yatika Boutique Resort. Under the Vast Night Sky, Witness Millions of Stars Twinkling Above, Creating a Captivating Spectacle. On Special Nights, Catch the Enchanting Glow of the Milky Way, Adding a Touch of Magic to Your Experience. During the Full Moon, Enjoy the Captivating View of the Rice Fields Bathed in Its Gentle Light, Creating a Serene and Picturesque Landscape. To Plan Your Magical Night, Kindly Consult Our Team, and Check the Waxing Moon Calendar for the Perfect Night of Stargazing.


Relax and Treat Yourself to a Massage at Yatika Boutique Resort. Schedule an Appointment for a Personalized Massage Session, Conducted by Local Therapists with Extensive Experience. Our Massage SALA in the Middle of the Rice Fields Provides a Serene Setting for Your Relaxation. Not Only Do We Prioritize Your Well-being, but We Also Contribute to the Local Community by Supporting the Work of Skilled Local Massage Therapists. Enjoy the Healing Advantages of Our Massages While Also Promoting Sustainable Practices and Community Development.

Healthy Path

Engage In the Refreshing Experience at Yatika Boutique Resort, Where Walking, Jogging, And Cycling Activities Are Designed for Health. Take Advantage of Our Resort’s Soft Footpath Surrounded by Lush Greenery, Providing the Perfect Setting for A Workout. Explore Scenic Routes Marked by Small, Safe Roads, Rubber-Paved Paths, And Trails. Choose From Roads Along Rubber Plantations, Winding Trails, Or Routes That Pass-Through Temples, Local Communities, Gardens, And Rice Fields. Feel Free to Select a Path or Consult Our Team for Recommendations.


Dive Into Serenity at Yatika Boutique Resort’s Infinity Saltwater Pool, Seamlessly Blending with the Sky, Offering a Borderless Horizon. Enjoy a Unique Swimming Experience in a Natural Environment That Sets Us Apart from the Busy Life. Immerse Yourself in Relaxation in the Jet Pool for Added Comfort.


Start Your Fitness Journey at Yatika Boutique Resort’s Fitness Room. Here, You’ll Find Standard Exercise Equipment in a Cozy Home-Fitness Style. Enjoy the Comfort and Privacy of Working Out While Surrounded by the Serene Natural Environment. Our Fitness Room Is More Than Just a Place to Exercise; It’s a Welcoming Space That Promotes Holistic Well-Being in the Peaceful Backdrop of Chiang Dao.


Begin your biking adventure at Yatika Boutique Resort, where we provide bikes for your exploration. Design your own route and immerse yourself in the natural and cultural wonders both within and outside the resort. Enjoy the freedom to discover Chiang Dao at your own pace, combining the joy of biking with the beauty of the surrounding landscapes and local culture.

Swan Pedal Boating

Experience a Water Adventure at Yatika Boutique Resort with Our Swan Pedal Boating Activities on the Boutique’s Serene Agricultural Big Pond. Glide Through the Water and Witness the Clearest Reflection of Doi Luang, the Majestic Mountain, Creating a Picturesque Backdrop. This Unique Experience Offers an Opportunity That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else. Explore the Tranquil Beauty of Nature While Enjoying the Peaceful Surroundings of the Big Pond.


Start Your Day with a Refreshing Yoga Class in the Stunning Surroundings of Yatika Boutique Resort. Our Instructors Are Here to Help You Relax and Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body. Breathe in the Fresh Air Every Friday through Sunday at 7:00 A.M. or Contact Our Staff for Extra Assistance on Other Days.


Explore Yatika Art Space in the Heart of Yatika Boutique Resort’s Galleria Zone—an Exclusive Art Gallery in Chiang Dao. Showcasing 20 Years of Acrylic Paintings by Yatika’s Founder, Ms. Valnapas Jirasithithamrong, the Gallery Invites Everyone to Experience Vibrant, Creative Vibes. Beyond Art, it’s a Commitment to the Community, With Charitable Sales Supporting Local Causes. Step Into This Unique Haven, Resonating with Dynamic and Inspiring Vibes, Contributing to Chiang Dao’s Evolving Art Scene. Immerse Yourself in the Rich Artistic Tapestry That Defines Yatika Boutique Resort. Welcome to Yatika Art Space—an Invitation to Experience Art Like Never Before


Experience the Peaceful Art of Meditation at Yatika Boutique Resort. Engage in Simple Exercises to Bring Radiance and Joy to Your Day. As Part of Our Unique Offerings, Join Us in Giving Alms to the Monks and Enjoy Walking Meditation in the Beautiful Rice Fields. Yatika Also Extends a Special Invitation to Monks for Chanting Mantras, Guiding You Towards Mental Liberation. On Significant Buddhist Holy Days, Join the Collective Journey Towards Inner Peace and Embrace an Open Mind Towards the Teachings of the Dharma. Additionally, Find Tranquility in Our Meditation Dome, offering a Serene Space for Contemplation, and Inner Reflection.


Experience the Charm of Our Agricultural Fields at Yatika Boutique Resort, Offering Breathtaking Views of Organic Farming and Colorful Rose Fields. Check the Rice Planting Season and Actively Engage in Planting Rice During the Designated Period. Embrace the Go Green Initiative with Our Organic Rice Fields, Creating a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Environment. Witness the Natural Cultivation of Vegetable Plots and Actively Participate in the Harvest, Connecting with the Essence of Organic Farming. Enjoy the Beauty of Nature and Sustainable Agriculture Practices Throughout Your Stay.

Cafe and Restaurant

Indulge in the Delightful All-Day Dining Service at Nakara Cafe & Restaurant, a Tasteful Retreat Within Yatika Boutique Resort. Our Menu Is Thoughtfully Curated with an Array of Delectable Choices, Ranging from Thai Fusion to International Delights, Ensuring There’s Something to Please Every Palate. Nakara Cafe & Restaurant Also Caters to Small Meeting Groups, Providing a Cozy and Convenient Space for Discussions. Additionally, You Can Enhance Your Dining Experience with Our Karaoke Setup, Adding a Touch of Entertainment and Fun to Your Time at the Restaurant. Whether It’s for Business or Leisure, enjoy a Warm and Friendly Atmosphere That Extends Throughout the Day, Making Your Dining Experience at Nakara Cafe & Restaurant a Delightful and Inviting Retreat.